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  • Sunday Morning Reflection

    “O my soul, come, praise the Eternal with all that is in me– body, emotions, mind, and will–every part of who I am– praise His holy name.  O my soul, come, praise the Eternal; sing a song from a grateful heart; sing and never forget all the good He has done.  Despite all your many offenses, He forgives and releases you.  More than any doctor, He heals your… Read More

    Sunday Morning Reflection
  • Hanging in the Balance of Waiting

    THE OTHER DAY, MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER WAS DRAWING AND SINCE I WAS IN THE VICINITY, I NATURALLY STARTED TO PEEK AT WHAT SHE WAS SKETCHING.  WHEN SHE NOTICED, SHE THREW HER UPPER BODY OVER HER TABLET AND SAID, “Wait! You can’t see it yet because It’s not finished!”.  She knows the process of what she has on the paper is just a… Read More

    Hanging in the Balance of Waiting
  • Hanging On To The Rope….

    I HAVE A DISTINCT MEMORY FROM MY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYM CLASS DAYS of a long, thick rope dangling from the cafeteria ceiling rafters.  One by one, my peers and I took our turns at making the climb alone, setting our sights on reaching the top. Gulp. I remember the pressure as all the other kids stood around watching to see how far I’d… Read More

    Hanging On To The Rope….
  • God’s Story…

    THIS IS GOD’S STORY, NOT MINE.  IT’S TAKEN ME a long time to realize this.  As I’ve felt the need to write a post on my blog, I have wrestled for days because I felt the need to really hear from the Lord as to what I was to write.  He answered me this morning, after writing in my own… Read More

    God’s Story…
  • The Gift of Laughter

    THE OTHER DAY, MY EIGHTEEN-YEAR OLD DAUGHTER CAME WITH ME on a few errands with the idea that she and I would pick out new thermal coffee mugs.  We are pretty serious about our hot drinks (it’s the little things!). We both were in need of a good, hearty to-go mug, especially one that will keep our drink hot for hours!!… Read More

    The Gift of Laughter